Learning environment

The learning environment is really important in early years education as it acts as the third teacher alongside learning from the other children and practitioners. Playgroup is designed to be as free flow and clutter free as possible within both the Penguin and Flamingo rooms, to enable children to explore and develop well.

Each child has their own tray that they can put all of their art work and letters into. The children are also given named coat hooks and encouraged to be independent in putting away their coat and bag at the start of the day. Children’s work is displayed on the walls for parents to see their wonderful creations.

The resources provided for the children in the rooms include a cosy corner to enjoy books and quieter time and the home corner for plenty of role play opportunities. The small world and construction items provided are rotated regularly to encourage children to engage in different types of play.

Literacy is threaded throughout the room by providing children with paper and pencils in all areas of the room so that, for example, children can take an order in the kitchen, draw a treasure map for their pirates, or make a plan of the lego house they are building.

Maths is also threaded through every day by teachable moments that the playgroup ladies provide.

Messy activities are available every day including play dough, paints, sand, water and the mud kitchen so it is important that children remember to bring their spare change of clothes.