British Values

British Values

At East Leake Pre-school Playgroup British Values are a part of everything we do.

They are:

1. Democracy

Democracy is where we make decisions together. Like many of the other British Values, it’s also about making sure that everyone has equal rights and is treated equally.

How we do this at Playgroup

  • Children have the choice to access their own resources.
  • Letting them be a part of making decisions about what we are doing, such as asking for hands up to vote about resources or activities.
  • Sharing and taking turns.
  • Enabling children to feel comfortable with questions is an important part of improving their confidence.
  • Encouraging collaborating and working together towards a common goal wherever possible.
  • You can actively encourage democracy by getting the kids involved in decisions.

2. Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is about understanding that rules matter in our society and that’s about understanding that there are some rules that we need to follow. This also ties into distinguishing between right and wrong.

How we do this at Playgroup

  • Following rules and boundaries, for example ‘Walking feet inside’.
  • Creating rules for a game.
  • When the bell/ clackers go we stop and put our hand up.
  • We sit with our legs crossed for circle time.
  • Actions have consequences. We explain to children how something they have done might have made another child feel.

3. Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty focuses on freedom for everyone. Promoting their self-confidence and self-awareness is really important, as well as giving children the language and context to understand their own emotions.

How we do this at Playgroup

  • Reading and talking about ‘The Feelings monster’. The language of feelings is crucial to a child’s self-confidence and awareness.
  • Exploring interests – show and tell to talk about things they are interested in.
  • Taking home Spike the monkey/Suzy the sheep.
  • Taking home the Interest box and Chatter box – allowing children to have favourite things, and explore these.
  • Taking home the Mindfulness box to reflect on how they are feeling.
  • Choice to play outside or inside.

Children are encouraged to ask for toys which aren’t out.

4. Mutual respect and tolerance

This one comes down to the oldest saying in the book. Treat others as you’d like to be treated too. At Playgroup we encourage tolerance of all faiths, cultures, races and views, along with an understanding of our differences and similarities.

How we do this at Playgroup

  • We encourage children to be aware of others and how they might be the same or differ. This is key to respecting other cultures that might seem entirely different from their own background.
  • Visits from the police.
  • Community visits – respect people in the community.
  • Valuing differences and disabilities.
  • Caring for others – role play with babies.
  • Links to the Dogs trust – helping us understand how to care for dogs.
  • Reading stories about children who have a range of experiences and backgrounds.
  • Learning about cultural events. This way children are able to understand and play a part in cultures that they wouldn’t necessarily see in their lives outside of Playgroup and understand and be tolerant of other faiths.