Playgroup is a non-profit making charity and relies on fundraising activities, grants, donations and sponsorships to help buy new resources for the children. Fundraising projects are led by the committee but always need support from parents to achieve the targets.

This year we are raising money towards creative and outdoor resources.

Each year, the committee organises a number of its own fundraising events as well as participating in larger village events. Along with a number of ad-hoc projects on an annual basis playgroup:

  • Takes a stall at the East Leake Carnival.
  • Runs a Christmas Raffle.
  • Operates a popcorn stand at the Brookside School bonfire night event.
  • Has at least two bake sales

Any fundraising ideas or assistance will always be very gratefully received.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that took part in the walk to Lapland and donated towards our target. Between us we managed to virtually walk all the way there raising a total of £700.00.

This money means so much to Playgroup and will go towards buying new resources for the children. 


We would like to invite all Playgroup families to take part in our Christmas fundraiser, ‘Walk to Lapland’. Our fundraising topic this year is ‘Garden Items and Small World’ resources and all money raised will go towards buying new resources for the children. Together we hope to complete a virtual walk to Lapland and travel the distance of 1,912 miles from East Leake to Lapland by Friday 11th December. 

You can join in and help us to reach this target by walking, running, scootering or cycling with your family in your spare time and letting us know the miles you have covered so that we can add it to our ‘mileometer’ at playgroup. We would also love it if you could encourage family and friends to sponsor you via our JustGiving page to help raise as much money as possible for playgroup. 

When does the fundraiser start?
The official start date for our Christmas fundraiser is Tuesday 3rd November, however, please feel free to ‘bank’ any miles you walk during the half term holiday and let us know your mileage when term starts again.

How many miles do I have to walk and do my children have to take part for the miles to count?
There is no minimum or maximum number of miles that you and your family must walk and, as the saying goes, ‘every little helps’ to reach our target! However, there will be a small prize available for the families that cover the most distance!
As part of our commitment to encouraging healthy and active lifestyles at playgroup, we would like children to take part in this event by walking with their family, however, children do not have to participate in all the miles you record. For example, as a parent/carer you could submit to playgroup the miles that you covered when cycling or jogging without your children.

Can I build up miles in ways other than walking?
Yes, you can run, cycle, scoot, even hop and skip!


At the start of November,  we launched our Christmas raffle and asked all families to help us sell as many tickets as we could. We also sold extra tickets outside the Co-op at the Christmas light switch on. In total we raised £740.00! All the prizes have been received by the winners and we would like to thank everyone that took part in raising the money.


Our Christmas craft sessions were held on Friday 20th December, split into two sessions. The Penguin room had theirs in the morning and the Flamingos the afternoon.

This was a festive opportunity for parents and carers to come into playgroup and have lots of fun with their children experiencing arts and crafts. We made reindeer food, decorated biscuits and even had our faces painted.

We also had an exciting visit from Santa who played some Christmas songs on his guitar!

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